Power costs have increased and are still increasing!  Solacoat Pastel Colours, can assist in reducing the internal temperature of buildings, helping to reduce cooling costs for air conditioned buildings, and saving you money!!

Solacoat Pastel Colours, are an external water based, non hazardous, specialty paint coating, using the latest technology.  Solacoat coatings, can be applied to Tiled, Metal, & Cement Roofs, and Timber, Brick, and Cement Walls. Solacoat can also be applied to many external structures, such as metal storage tanks, piping, and even Canvas.

Solacoat Cream, and Solacoat Pastel Colours, can  assist in reducing Internal temperatures within buildings during the hottest summer days and will keep on working for a minimum of 10 years. This is based on a newly coated & clean roof.

Solacoat Cream, & Solacoat Pastel Colours, Assists In Keeping The Heat Out and Saving You Money.

Solacoat's Darker Colours, Vary In The Heat Reflectivity, Please Refer To Our Colour Selection Page.

Proudly Australian Invented & Manufactured.



Reducing Temperature of Railway Tracks

Solacoat Coatings involvement with the Rail Infrastructure Corporation of N.S.W. (RIC) began in October 2001 when an order for the supply and application of Solacoat White to 10 kilometers of rail track between Grafton and Kyogle.

Prior testing was initiated after the painted roof of the RIC depot at Lismore and it was recommended that Solacoat White, could reduce the temperature of the rail so as to prevent rail track misalignment.

Early testing showed that on a clear day and with the ambient temperature peaking at over 30°C, a railway track coated with Solacoat  White, was more resistant to extreme temperatures than a bare rail.  

It was recorded that Solacoat White reduced the railway track temperatures by up to 16°C


Reduction of Rail Track Misalignment from Heat

In December 2000 the manager of the RIC (Rail Infrastructure Corporation of NSW) depot in Lismore requested a quote, to Solacoat the RIC depot in Lismore. They had a huge problem with heat from the roof, making working in the demountables and lunch area unbearable. Once we had applied Solacoat White, the people could not believe how cool it was under the roof!


Because of the extreme heat, workers hands were being burned by the tools and tool boxes on the back of the RIC service vehicles! This was making it impossible to handle the tools or tool boxes boxes without gloves. So these were also painted with Solacoat White and the problem was solved!


Will Solacoat Work On Rail Tracks?

We suggested that Solacoat White may help reduce the temperature of the rail track. We obtained some short off cuts of rail and started a series of tests using Unidata logging equipment. To prevent rust affecting the Solacoat, we supply a zinc primer base which has a specially developed rust inhibitor.


Early testing showed that on a clear day and with the ambient temperature peaking at 28°C the Solacoat White, had reduced temperature in the rail track by 7°C. Later tests show as much as 12°C difference. So impressed was the engineer in charge of the Rail Infrastructure Corporation of NSW (RIC) for the North Coast area that an order to spray around 10 kilometres of rail track between Grafton and Kyogle was commited. In the Dungog area another 20 kilometres and a further 20 kilometres in the Yass area.  Over 200km of track have now been painted.

Rail Painting Process Report from RailCorp

Rail Painting Carlingford Line NSW by RailCorp










Tools used for painting of Railway Tracks


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